Crystaleum CRFI (cryptonote) && CRYSTAL (ERC20/BEP20)

Binance Smart Chain Contract: 0x4ca6b6b8f10eb17dbd1f8c3f313eca2f779c6e0b
Crystaleum is a multi-chain of interoperable public and privacy-centric digital assets! Crystaleum is the first privacy-centric DeFi + PoW mine-able, stake-able, && farm-able with on-chain EVM compatible, and off-chain layer-2 cryptonote assets. Crystaleum $CRFI & $CRYSTAL offers traders, farmers, and miners a blazing fast cryptonote $CRFI blockchain and bridged-pegged tokens $CRYSTAL on Binance Smart Chain as BEP20, and ERC20 on Ethereum & Polygon, mobile-friendly (web, and app), privacy cryptonote monero based cryptocurrency network. Proof-of-Work is Cryptonight Fast v1 0% fee mining at the official pools! Staking and Farming soon at &


CRYSTAL 🔮 token to Binance Smart Chain Symbol: CRYSTAL
Stats: 18 decimals

Minted 1 CRYSTAL for initial farm offering at InterSwap Farms.

Deployed Crystaleum Oracle aka the "Gemologist" contract which is to be named owner of CRYSTAL token.

CRYSTAL ownership transferred to Gemologist:

CARBON ownership transferred to Gemologist:

Deployed CoalMine contract to produce CARBON synthetic asset, for usage in Crystaleum staking pools, and liquidity farms to mint CRYSTAL tokens

To mint CRYSTAL, we can stake CRYSTAL to gather CARBON, when we gather enough CARBON we can mint more CRYSTAL and add Liquidity Pool tokens to Gemologist wallet to increase their value! Get ready for CoalMine farms and staking pools to open!

On Crystaleum lightning fast, worldwide network peers use Crystaleum Gems and Crystals to mine, stake, trade, and transact.

Crystaleum Gems and Crystals are coins used to empower and operate the Crystaleum blockchain network.

Gems are produced in order to reward miners for validating spent and unspent transactions outputs, aka Crystaleum Crystals which are sent across the Crystaleum blockchain. Crystaleum Gems, and Crystals may be swapped between peers instantly in any combination of other cryptocurrency at any time on Crystaleum fast, secure, and private blockchain network.

Send and Receive Crystaleum crystals P2P on the fastest mobile friendly cryptonote blockchain network.

Send Crystaleum crystal coins anywhere, anytime, on the blazing fast, secure, privacy-centric cryptonote network.

As new transactions are initiated between any two, or more peers which are sending, and receiving Crystaleum crystals on the blazing fast Crystaleum blockchain network a swift process known as Crystalization or Recrystallization occurs. Crystalization and Recrystallization is the process which Gems are converted to Crystals or vice versa.

Our Roadmap

Crystaleum is a free, open source P2P private platform bringing users the future of decentralized finance on blockchain.

Q3 2020

Crystaleum deploys mainnet blockchain operations in select regions. Mobile wallet public alpha begins. Desktop wallets released.

Q4 2020

Crystaleum (CRFI/CRYSTAL) secures Centralized exchange listings, onboarding begins; & Vindax. EVM compatible, Mobile / Web Wallet public beta begins. .

Q2 2021

Crystaleum (CRFI/CRYSTAL) token deployed

Q3 2021

Crystaleum (CRFI/CRYSTAL) decentralized exchange listings at &; Public EVM - Cryptonote Bridge API alpha release.

Q4 2021

Crystaleum (CRFI/CRYSTAL) decentralized exchanges and farming partnershps with! EVM to Cryptonote public bridge.

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Crystaleum (CRFI/CRYSTAL) website, Android/iOs mobile apps, EVM to Cryptonote bridge SideChained public & private API, professional contracts exchange trading experience platform coming soon! Like this page and follow us on your favorite social media for official announcements.

Why Choose Crystaleum?

Crystaleum is a free, open source P2P private platform bringing users the future of decentralized finance on blockchain.

Connect your web, and mobile friendly CrystalID account to social media to access the Crystaleum blockchain network via social bots on telegram, and discord. Login on Android iOS and desktop with one account using a Crystaleum crystalize API enabled platform.

Mobile Wallet

Crystaleum Mobile wallet is available for Android, and soon iOS users!

Private & Secure

Crystaleum is based on Cryptonote-Monero, a privacy centric blockchain.

Buy/Sell, Mine/Stake/Farm

Crystaleum is a multichain (CRFI) proof-of-work and (CRYSTAL) proof-of-stake (layer-2) Yield Farming cryptoasset, with options for users to trade, mine, and farm Crystaleum.


Crystaleum CRFI & CRYSTAL are listed to various decentralized and centralized exchanges, and available to users of major Operating Systems. Mine, Trade, Farm, and more with Crystaleum blazing fast, privacy-centric as layer-2 blockchain with public farming and staking on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon!

Privacy Centric DeFi

Crystaleum is a free, open source P2P private platform bringing users the future of decentralized finance on blockchain.

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Crystaleum is a free, open source P2P private platform bringing users the future of decentralized finance on blockchain.

Asked Questions

Crystaleum is a privacy-centric blockchain, with original source based on commits from Monero and Electronero network.

Crystaleum is interoperable with many major cryptocurrencies, trade Crystaleum at major exchanges.

Yes. Crystaleum is open to the public, although transactions on Crystaleum blockchain are private between Peers on the network.